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Testimonials & Reviews

Here’s what parents and students have to say about John Ingrassia’s music lessons:

Our daughter started learning from John about seven years ago.   She has continued for one reason, because John is an authentic teacher.   Each week he picks up this ongoing lesson, right where they left off.   It is always good to see John, as our families have come to know each other through his passion for teaching,   She has become a student of music.  She understands what she hears and then translates to her guitar with John.   Music has become a strong part of how she expresses herself and spends her time, and that is all due to Johnny I and his ability to engage a seven year old and keep her on track.  – Kelly L.

My son Rick has taken guitar lessons with John for about 3 years now and absolutely loves it.  We would recommend John to anyone at any age looking to take guitar.  He is very reasonably priced and is an amazing guitarist and teacher.  We have also seen the Johnny I. Band play and they are so talented and it’s always a great time seeing them play.  – Mary Lee N.

John Ingrassia is a very talented and knowledgeable musician and music instructor.  I and both of my children have taken lessons from John.  He is extremely patient and engaging, and caters to individual needs while making things fun.  We have also purchased quality instruments from John’s music shop, that he hand selected/recommended.  I would refer anyone to him!  – Jessica S.

My son has been taking guitar lessons with John for almost two years now.  It has been an wonderful experience for him. John is so respectful to his learning style, and truly keeps him engaged.  If your child has ever wanted to learn an instrument, this is the guy you want mentoring your child on their path to creating music.  – Kim C.

Lessons with John are always full of energy and insight.  He has a wealth of musical knowledge and patience.  Being able to jam with John sometimes during lessons is always a highlight, great incentive to practice too.  I’ve definitely learned a lot from John. It’s inspiring to see someone so talented and passionate with music.  – Jake F.

Johnny’s a lot of fun to learn from, he makes the guitar seem easy.  – Cole F.

John is a great teacher , very down to earth , fun and flexible. Highly recommend his services!!!  – Joesephine W.

It’s been a year now and I’m playing riffs from The Allman Brothers, Zepplin and others that would have been impossible if I’d tried to learn it on my own. John’s method of teaching is a mixture of theory and practical application. As long as you have the desire, John will find a way to develop your talent in a way that fuels your love for the instrument and maintains the pure joy of being part of the music, not just a listener.  – Steve R.

Our son has been taking guitar lesson with John for over five years.  In that time, his interest in playing guitar has grown immensely. Not only has he taught Patrick how to play the guitar in a one on one atmosphere, he also has provided him the opportunity to play with other people his age and talent level so that he can learn to play in a group setting as well.John provides a comfortable and stress free learning environment, that allows his students to thrive and encourages growth.  – Jim and Donna M.

John’s an extraordinarily skilled and creative musician.  He’s found a way to masterfully translate and then patiently impart all of that knowledge in his teaching.  If you’ve wanted to learn to play guitar, for more years than you can remember, then commit to one lesson.  I can all but guarantee that it will turn into more than one, and that your life will be  exponentially richer for it.”  – Jeanne H.

Our son looks forward to his weekly lessons.  John has an uncommon way of granting the student the freedom to develop his own learning and playing style.  John adapts his teaching to foster the student’s creativity.  As a parent it is wonderful to see our son feel comfortable enough to really be himself and leave his lessons smiling and excited.”  – Karen H.

We were introduced to John after he moved into the neighborhood and blown away by his talent when we had the opportunity to hear him play.  We were excited to find out he teaches music.  We’ve successfully recommended him to friends and finally we were able to have our son take lessons from him. John has such calm, patience and a style of fun that our son really loves.”  – Krista G.

John is an excellent guitar teacher. He has been working with my 6 year old daughter on basic guitar skills and has really inspired her to learn more. She looks forward to the lesson each week. He is very professional, friendly, and relates well to kids. I would highly recommend him to any parent looking for a knowledgable and fun teacher for their child!”  – Margaret D.

I have had the pleasure of attending numerous lessons and clinics with the Incredible Johnny I !! His depth of knowledge , Amazing skill, friendly personality, and Super patient teaching skills are second to none !!!  I urge anyone interested in learning guitar, to check him out! For a real treat , catch The Johnny I Band with Jaimoe from The Allman Brothers some time!!! Wow!!!!!”  – Sean O.

John is an experienced musician, he is also fun and encouraging, I always can’t wait for my lessons. I really think he’s the best! ”  – Noah I.

While John’s musical talent is undeniable, it is personality that is his real gift. He is patient and relaxed and makes our son  feel great about himself. John’s ability and willingness to connect to his students is exceptional. John gives our son  so much more than simply guitar instruction. He is a great role model in every way.”  – Patty & Joe A.

I’ve been playing guitar for more than twenty years and I thought it was time for me to seek lessons to help me get out of a rut and open up my playing. I’ve been meeting with John for an hour twice monthly for the past year. In that year my playing has developed dramatically. I’m more confident in what I’m playing and I’m clearer on why I would play certain scales over some chord patterns. He’s also helped me refine my technique and think about the things that I normally wouldn’t in terms of the things that help a guitar player be better at practicing, rehearsing with bands and composition. Above all, John is a very likable guy. He’s genuine, he has a true love for music and he makes me feel comfortable enough to get over my extreme reluctance to play guitar solo while being watched.”  – Tony P.

After a lifetime of thinking about playing the guitar, one day I responded to an ad by Johnny Ingrassia in the Cheshire Herald. It turned out to be one of the best emails I have ever sent. Johnny responded within the hour and we made an appointment that same week…and I have been hooked ever since! Johnny has a warm and engaging approach to learning that provides encouragement and celebrates all the small successes. Learning guitar is not easy, but the rewards of gaining confidence are huge. After every lesson, I can’t wait to practice what we have learned, and look forward to my upcoming lesson. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about learning guitar to work with Johnny Ingrassia.”  – Gerry B.

Being skilled at something doesn’t always translate into being good at teaching that skill to others. That is definitely “NOT” the case with John Ingrassia. John is both a talented musician and an excellent teacher. My son has been taking drum lessons from John for a few years and my wife decided it was time for me to finally fulfill my regret of never formally learning to play an instrument. After a few months of guitar lessons and getting to know John, it is clear he is passionate about music and takes an intelligent and individualized approach to each of his students that keeps them engaged and having fun. He uses this approach successfully with kids and adults. John is a good teacher and a good guy, don’t hesitate to contact him if you ever considered lessons for your kids or yourself.”  – Ken G.

Having a guitar lesson with John is one of the highlights of our 7-year-olds’ week. Since he started, John’s calm demeanor made him feel comfortable and warm up easily. John tailors the lesson to a song requested by Jacob and breaks it down into a very manageable bit that can be practiced independently and without stress. Practicing doesn’t feel forced because the material is reasonable and originates with the interest of the learner. John is patient, kind, and enthusiastic. We are thrilled with the experience and highly recommend J I M.”  – Shari S.

My oldest son has been taking piano lessons with John for two years.  He has enjoyed it so much we had no reservations when our youngest son said he wanted to try guitar and then drums.  Both kids continue to enjoy playing and have improved measurably.  John excels at finding out what type of music the kids are interested in and tailoring the lesson to their interests.”  – Rachel M.

John has been a wonderful teacher for my 10 year old daughter. He is versed in many instruments and has been an expert and supportive teacher. My daughter loves to come to lesson and is so thrilled to be learning to play guitar. We couldn’t be happier!”  – Marge A.

My son started on guitar with John when he was 5 1/2 years old. Even though the instrument has a tough learning curve, my son never noticed it as John kept their lessons interesting and fun.  Whether it was the Wiggles or Metallica, my son always looked forward to his lessons, and that is how he got his start in music.  Now, at 15 1/2, my son is an excellent sight reader who was able to carry over the skills he learned with John to other instruments.  He plays in several ensembles and concert bands. The solid foundation he was able to build with John will always be there.”  – Stacey S.

Taking lessons from John was comfortable and fun. John makes it fun with little pressure, so you want to get better each week. For newbies or experienced players one can always improve.”  – Peter T.

I’ve been taking Guitar lessons from Johnny for just about a year. For me, I have found the atmosphere to be very friendly. Students are willing to share their knowledge of music. He is very passionate and knowledgeable of the genre of music he teaches. There is also fun in your lessons when you get to Jam with some of the other students to give you the experience of performing with others. As a senior citizen I have learned play with more confidence and understanding what I’m doing and how to get the most out of using just a few notes. Great School.”  – Kevin A.

John Ingrassia genuinely cares for his students and provides a great base for students to succeed. He has always been enthusiastic and has made learning guitar fun. John’s education, knowledge, experience and passion for guitar and music are impressive. He has a natural talent to connect with children and keep lessons fresh. Their is no doubt that my daughter doesn’t look forward to each lesson. We highly recommend John as a guitar teacher.”  – Connie S.

Here is what booking agents and venue owners have to say on the band:

Ball & Socket Arts was thrilled to have the Johnny I Band play at a fundraising event at Aunt Chilada’s in Hamden. The generosity of John, who was largely responsible for organizing the event, and the rest of the band was truly humbling. It was a fantastic success on every level. A huge crowd came out, everyone had a great time, and we were able to raise some much needed funds.

The band played several sets of fiery blues /rock led by Johnny I’s amazing guitar virtuosity. They played like they had played together forever; complimenting each other with complete fluidity.  The band was joined by Allman Brothers drummer Jaimoe who seemed genuinely excited to sit in with the band. His staggering talent and comfort with the material raised the bar for the band and seemed to challenge them and bring out their best.

The crowd that packed the space was comprised of Ball & Socket supporters, Johnny I regulars, Allman Brothers fans, many of whom came toting album covers hoping to get an autograph, and many who just chanced upon the event. All left huge fans of the Johnny I Band excited for the next opportunity to dance and rock out at the band’s next gig. Ball & Socket Arts will certainly try to lure them back for another event in the future.

Booking the Johnny I. Band is always a home run. Johnny brings special guests including Jaimoe from the Allman Brothers Band as well as local musicians to keep things fresh. Consistent, professional and always a great night of music and fun!!

All Star Blues Revival EP Radio and Artist Reviews:

Johnny I. sounds like a veteran blues master on this new E.P. Songwriter and guitarist Johnny I. is a guitarslinger whose studying of his legendary band members technique and others over the years makes him fit right in, while his chops add the sizzle to make the tracks stand out.  – KKFI Kansas City, MO

The Johnny I All Star Blues Revival is the latest recording by Johnny Ingrassia. It is supported by exceptional special guests and mixed by Jim Gaines (industry icon). “Life is Better” features an organ solo by Reese Wynans followed by Johnny’s rockin guitar solo. With Chris Layton on drums, the song has a Stevie Ray Vaughan flavor. “Late Nite” has a jazzy soul feeling established by Bruce Katz on organ and Jaimo on drums. The instrumental, “Avery’s Tune” features Johnny I’s precise, soulful guitar work. Also impressive artwork and graphics on the CD package.”  – Ed Stack, President, Connecticut Blues Society

I enjoyed working on the cut, LIFE IS BETTER (2nd TIME AROUND) – It has an old school kind of vibe. Lots of luck John and much success.  – Billy Cox ( Formerly of Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys)

John Ingrassia may just have it! As for the All-Star Blues Revival – what a pleasure to be in such excellent company – Avery’s Tune was a joy to record.  – Glen Graham (Blind Melon Drummer)

I’m always grateful to get to play music w Chris Layton and Billy Cox. Those guys are beautiful. Thank you Johnny I. For inviting me to be a part of your record.  – Reese Wynans (Formerly of SRV & Double Trouble)

John Ingrassia plays guitar with command and virtuousity – but more importantly, he plays Blues with expression and soul!”  – Bruce Katz

“Man I never knew that having the blues could feel so good! Johnny I and the boys got me up on the dance                           floor with whiskey in my hand – Vin Dombroski (Sponge singer)

“Such a treat getting to track this blues tune with John- and the amazing backing band he put together ;)!

– Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam, Candlebox)

” Slinky, funky, fun and in the groove…this new Ingrassia record has it all! -Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones)




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